FAQ / Signing up

General overview

  • How do I register with Kodakit?

    Log onto https://www.kodakit.com/photographers/#/login and follow the registration steps. Registration is free.

  • What are the steps?

    The steps are simple. You will be asked to share your contact details, the categories that you shoot, banking information so we can pay you, and your portfolio as a sample of your work.

  • How many categories can I choose?

    As many as you'd like. We ask that you provide a portfolio to support the categories you select.

  • What is kodakit?

    Kodakit is transforming the photography market with an on-demand service that will change the way businesses and photographers can connect. These photoshoots address the needs of large global companies in the travel, food and real-estate markets that rely on high-quality digital images for marketing and point-of-sale efforts. As of January 2017, Kodakit is live across 800 metropolitan areas including New York, San Francisco, Paris, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Delhi, among others.

  • Where can I work?

    You can work anywhere in the world. You will need to update your contact details so we can match you with jobs close to where you are.

  • How long does it take to get approved?

    5 business days.

  • When will you start offering jobs in my area?

    We are constantly signing new customers and will notify you when photoshoots are available in your area.

  • Can I work for other companies?

    Yes, of course. Photographer shall at all times act as an independent contractor, and not as an employee or agent of Client or Kodakit.



  • Why do you need my mobile number?

    We notify photographers of available jobs via sms. We also might need to contact you by phone or email from time to time.

  • What do you do with my banking information?

    We use your banking information to pay you. We pay photographers twice a month via direct ACH transfer into your bank account.

  • What do you do with the images that I submit for the portfolio review?

    We retain photographer submitted images as a form of proof of registration. We occasionally use images submitted for marketing purposes upon photographer consent.

  • What sort of experience do I need?

    Commissioned photos must meet the quality standards consistent with the Client statement of work, as determined by the Client or Company at each of their sole discretion. Your experience must be able to deliver what is expected by the client.

  • Why do you need my address?

    We match photographers with jobs near their place of residence.


Creating an account

  • What are the requirements to sign up as a photographer?

    Photographers must be able to meet the quality standards consistent with the Client statement of work, as determined by the Client or Company in each of their sole discretion.

  • Can I share my account with prospects?

    At this stage we do not make any photographer profiles public.

  • What is the screening process?

    Photographer must register and submit a portfolio. Portfolio maybe be submitted by uploading imagery, or sharing a link to your online portfolio. The portfolio submitted must support categories selected to shoot and meet quality standards of the clients.

  • When will my registration be approved?

    5 business days

  • How do I set up direct deposits?

    During the registration process and in the photographer back office, photographers will be able to set up banking and direct deposit information under 'My Account'.

  • Are there any in-person activations or support help?

    Kodakit Community Managers can be reached via email here.→

  • How do I update my account?

    Photographers can update their account at any point in time. Simply log in to your back office and make the changes needed.




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