FAQ / Photoshoot


  • How are photoshoot requests created?

    Clients place orders via a booking form which triggers a broadcast to the photographers who have been paired with the client.

  • Do I need to download the mobile app?

    We strongly suggest using the mobile app and enabling Push notifications. The mobil app provides you with pre-shoot details, on-site contact and on location client guidance that most find useful when in the moment.

  • Do I need to download the Desktop app?

    The desktop app is the most efficient way to bulk upload and submit your images over to our editorial team. The desktop app is available for download within your desktop platform view under the 'Actions' tile.

  • What equipment should I use?

    Commissioned photos must meet the quality standards consistent with the Client statement of work, as determined by the client or company in each of their sole discretion. Your experience must be able to deliver what is expected by the client.

  • Where and when will I get notified of opportunities?

    Photographers are delivered opportunities via our broadcasted. Delivery can come in by push notifications within the mobie app, email and SMS(text). Broadcast notifications are timed so photographers can accept or decline the opportunity within the broadcast time parameters. We suggest downloading the app and enabling push notifications.

  • I'm not getting any notifications about jobs. How do I know if I have notifications turned on?

    It is best to check the notifications setting within your phone to see if the notifications for the KodakIt mobile app are turned on. By clicking on 'Notifications' under your phones settings, you will be able to open the notification settings for the KodakIt mobile app.

  • How do I receive a photoshoot request?

    You may receive photoshoot requests 3 ways. Through our mobile app by enabling 'Push Notifications', via SMS(text) or email.

  • How long do I have to accept a photoshoot request?

    Broadcasts are treated differently by geography and client. Average broadcast time can range from 5minutes to 30 minutes.

  • What does it mean when “Proposal no longer valid” appears upon clicking the accept button?

    The means the broadcast has timed out and the amount of time you had to accept the shoot has expired. We suggest downloading the mobile app and turning on the push notifications to alert you when opportunities get broadcast to you.

  • What happens if I decline a request?

    If you decline a request, the broadcast will be sent to next photographer in the queue.

  • How long do I have to get to the photoshoot location?

    Photographer must arrive at photoshoot location at the time indicated within the clients order. It is always best to arrive a few minutes early to identify your on-location contact and set up equipment.

  • Do you cover transportation costs?

    Some clients cover transporation costs when covering remote locations. At KodakIt we try as much as possible to match photographers to shoots that are nearby.

  • What happens if I accept a broadcasted job by accident?

    If you have accidentally accepted a job via our broadcast, you can always request a cancellation through the KodakIt mobile app. Within that specific job, under the 'order details' you can request a cancellation by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of that 'Order Details' window.

  • How do cancel a scheduled photoshoot?

    You can submit a request to cancel a photo shoot through the KodakIt mobile app. When you oen an order, you can click on the 3 buttons on the top right of the screen under the 'Order Detail' and submit a cancellation request with selected reason code.

  • Can I bring an assistant?

    We suggest that you do not come with an assistant.



  • Where do I find the details for the photo shoots I accepted on the KodakIt platform?

    You can find all the jobs you accepted underneath the 'My Jobs' tab on the KodakIt platform.

  • Where do I find the details for the photo shoots I accepted on the mobile app?

    When you open up the app, you can find all the details to your photo shoots under the 'Today', 'Upcoming' and 'All' tabs along the bottom of the app.

  • Do I need to Check-In?

    The check-in feature helps us gain insight into the average length of your photo shoots along with the average length of the clients photo shoots. We are going to use this information to offer photographers more jobs based on the average length of their photo shoots and help cluser jobs together within the same areas.

  • What if the customer is not ready when I arrive?

    It is always best to call ahead of your arrival, but ask you allow the client a 15 minute grace period to ready themselves for the photoshoot. If they are not ready within the 15 minutes, you can either request for a rescheduled photoshoot and align your availability with the customer or submit a request for cancellation and submit a reason provided.

  • What if the client wants to cancel the photoshoot after I arrive?

    The easiest and quickest way to submit a cancellation request is through the KodakIt mobile app and provide a reason into why you need to cancel the photoshoot. If the client can reschedule, we suggest finding a date and time that works for both of you and sumitting a reschedule request instead of a cancellation request.

  • What if the photoshoot I had scheduled is cancelled ahead of my arrival?

    It is a rare occurance, but sometimes the client will cancel a photo shoot before it happens. Depending on how far out the client will need to reschedule the photo shoot will not appear in your up-coming job list. Once the client confirms a reschedule date and time, it will be broadcast out, giving you first priority to accept or decline the job with the new date and time.

  • What are your cancellation policies?

    Actual compensation for cancellation may vary from job to job, depending on Client’s arrangement with Kodakit. Please check with Kodakit in advance for the structure of compensation for cancellation for a particular assignment.

  • If I am unable to take photos on the day of shoot, may I get my friend to take photos on my behalf?

    No. If you need to cancel, please notify Kodakit immediately through a cancellation request in the mobile app and we will find a replacement.

  • Do I need to confirm the photoshoot with the primary contact?

    No, but best practice is to contact the primary contact ahead of time to make sure they are prepared for you upon your arrival.


Shot list

  • How do I access the shotlist during my photo shoot?

    You can access the shot list for the photoshoot within the photo shoots order under the 'Shot Details'.


Customer Issues

  • What happens if the customer does not have all items on the shot list for the photo shoot?

    Photographer should shoot everything on the shotlist that they can and identify the reasons for items that weren't ready or available.

  • What happens if a customer asks me to shoot items that are not on the shot list?

    Please politely decline to shoot items that are not on the shot list and explain to them you are there to capture specific shots. You can alway refer them to the shot list within the mobile app.

  • What happens if the customer refuses to prepare the correct number of dishes?

    If the restaurant will not prepare the necessary amount of dishes, please communicate this information to us by clicking the red thumbs down icon within that order's 'Shot Details' on the mobile app. If you are not using the mobile app, you can commiunicate this to us through the desktop app within the 'Talk to Kodak' chat within that order.

  • What happens if parts of the property are not available to be shot?

    If sections of the property are not able to be shot, please communicate this information to us via the mobile app. Within the 'Shot Details' you will find a list of shots being asked by the client. By clicking the red thumbs down icon you can communicate this to us. If you are not using the mobile app, you can commiunicate this to us through the KodakIt Desktop App. Drop us a line during your images upload within the 'Talk to Kodak' chat feature.


File Delivery

  • How do I deliver files from my shoot?

    Best way to upload photos from your jobs is through the KodakIt desktop apps. The desktop app will allow you to bulk upload images for the order you are looking to submit images for. You can download the desktop app through platform under 'Actions' on your home dashboard view.

  • Where Do I download the Desktop App?

    To download the KodakIt desktop app, you can log onto the KodakIt platform and click on the 'Download' button underneath the 'Action' tile within your dashboard view.

  • I am receiving an error message when I try to upload my images?

    The KodakIt platform or desktop app will not allow you to upload images that are outside the aspect ratio of the clients expectations. Best practice is to double check the settings at which the images were exported. Even if off by 1 px, the image will not upload. Often times exporting from your editing software can convert the orignal dimensions cause to drop the aspect ratio.

  • Am I able to upload RAW files into the photoshoot order?

    No—please always upload file types that align with the deliverable requirements in your client's brief. If we need them, we may request RAW images from you.

  • When I click 'Submit', where do my photos go?

    The photos go to the Kodakit editing team. They will audit the files and make sure they meet all requirements and are approved to be sent to the client.

  • Do files have a naming convention?

    Yes—all naming conventions are outlined in the client creative brief.

  • Can I use dropbox, wetransfer or other file sharing services?

    No—all client images need to be uploaded via the Kodakit platform or desktop app

  • What if I have fewer images than specified in the creative brief?

    Photographers are expected to shoot what is requested by the client and specified on the brief. If the reason for having fewer photos can be justified and reasons are submitted, Kodakit will notify the client. You can inform us of images that may be missing within the KodakIt Mobile App. Here you can provide shot list feedback through the 'Shot Details' tab witin the order.

  • What happens if a customer asks me to send photos to them directly?

    Please politely decline. The photos need to go through the KodakIt system. Often times the shoot is for a client, but at one of their merchants. Politely direct them toward the client to retrieve the photos.

  • What if I have more images than specified in the creative brief?

    We love working with more images. Photographers can submit more images than specified and the Kodakit editing team will select the best and then submit them to the client.

  • What If I accidentally delivered files to the wrong order.

    If you have already clicked the 'Submit' button, you will not be able to add photos to the order. You can alert us to this issue by sending us a message in the KodakIt chat. Here it will notify our editors/support team about the mix up.

  • Status of my recent delivered job on my dashboard reads "Rejected", what happens next?

    If the KodakIt editors have rejected the images submitted, we will provide a reason for this. Once an order has a rejected status, you are able to upload new images to that order. If the images don't meet the quality issues, we may ask you to reshoot the images so they meet the standards and quality of the client.

  • How do I upload re-edited photos to the same order?

    If you are asked to resubmit photos, our editors will reject the job, opening up that order to have allow you to upload the images being requested by the editing team.



  • If the photoshoot I was scheduled for gets cancelled, do I get any preference if it is rescheduled?

    Yes—we will add you to the broadcast and give you first right of refusal for the shoot.

  • Is there a penalty to reshoot if it was my mistake?

    If the original set of images do not meet our clients standards of quality, we will ask you to reshoot the order. Once completed and approved by the client, you will be compensated for the orignal photo shoot.


Cancellation policy

  • What is the cancellation policy if a customer cancels?

    Actual compensation for cancellation may vary from job to job, depending on Client’s arrangement with Kodakit. Please check with Kodakit in advance the structure of compensation for cancellation for a particular assignment.

  • Can I cancel the photoshoot?

    We ask that you notify Kodakit here → as soon as possible so that we can find a replacement.

  • Is there a penalty if I cancel the photoshoot?

    If you continually cancel shoots that are outside of the client not being ready, we may remove you from the clients broadcast and prioritize those who continue to accept jobs on a regular basis.

  • If the photoshoot I was scheduled on gets cancelled do I get any preference if it is rescheduled?

    Yes—we will add you to the broadcast and you will have first right of refusal.



  • Where do I see my upcoming scheduled jobs?

    Photographers can login to the KodakIt mobile app or platform and review scheduled jobs.



  • Referring photographers

    If you want to refer your friends, you can always instruct them to sign up via our mobile app or website.



  • Can I work with Kodakit marketing to showcase my work?

    Yes, we love celebrating and showcasing the work of the photographers in our community. Please email us here → to collaborate.




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