Getting paid

  • When do I get paid?

    We pay out twice a month, in fact every other Tuesday to be precise. Kodakit will transfer the amount due into your bank account using our third party provider Payoneer.

  • How can I add or change my bank info?

    You can add a bank account at any point during your registration process or after by simply logging into your Payoneer account. Any payments that have been porcessed will be sent to the old account and any new payments will be made to new account.

  • Who is Payoneer?

    We have selected a third party global payment provider to handle our global mass payouts to our photographer community. Payoneer is a trusted partner and currently services other global brands such as Airbnb, Uber, Amazon, Getty Images and others. You can access more information on Payoneer here. →

  • What currency do I get paid in?

    You will get paid in your local currency based on a US $ rate. Rates will be calculated by US$ current trading value in your coutry upon time of payment.

  • How is my payment calculated?

    We pay twice a month. If your photoshoots have been approved within a pay cycle you will be paid in that cycle. Any shoot still pending approval will be paid in the next cycle and or when approved.


Photoshoot rates

  • Where do I find the rates for my scheduled photoshoots?

    You can log into your account and view the rates of your scheduled photoshoots in the scheduled photoshoot section. Aslo when you accept jobs, rates and partners are fully disclosed.

  • Are the rates always the same?

    No—our rates vary by photoshoot duration, location and customer volume.

  • How are customer cancellation fees applied?

    You will get paid cancellation fees in the same format as you are paid for completed photoshoots. Cancellation fees also vary by customer.


Banking information

  • Why do you need my bank account?

    We need your bank account so that we can pay you via direct deposit.

  • Can I get paid in more than one account?

    It is best to check in with Payoneer to see if this is an option.

  • Why do you need a SWIFT code?

    For international bank transfers we need a SWIFT code to complete the transaction.

  • How do I change my banking info?

    Please log into your account and change your banking information under account settings.



  • What tax documents does KodakIt Provide?

    Kodakit does not issue any tax document to photographers. At a photographers request, Kodakit can provide a summary of jobs and payment made to the photographer on annual basis.

  • How does paying taxes as a KodakIt photographer work?

    Kodakit does not withhold taxes from any payment made to you. Annual tax information is availavble upon request.




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