Getting paid

  • When am I paid?

    We pay out twice a month. Kodakit will transfer the amount due into your bank account.

  • How can I add or change my bank info?

    You can add a bank account at any point during your registration process or after by simply logging into your account and clicking on 'My Account'.

  • How do I set up direct deposit?

    Go to 'My Account' and input your bank account information. This will allow us to directly transfer the amount due.

  • Can I get paid by check or debit / credit card?

    We currently only offer direct deposit as our method of payment.

  • What currency do I get paid in?

    You will get paid in your local currency based on a USD ($) rate.

  • How is my payment calculated?

    We pay twice a month. If your photoshoots have been approved within a pay cycle you will be paid in that cycle. Any shoot still pending approval will be paid in the next cycle.


Photoshoot rates

  • Where do I find the rates for my scheduled photoshoots?

    You can log into your account and view the rates of your scheduled photoshoots in the scheduled photoshoot section.

  • Are the rates always the same?

    No. Our rates vary by photoshoot duration, location and customer volume.

  • Can we accept tips?

    Yes, absolutely!

  • How are customer cancellation fees applied?

    You will get paid cancellation fees in the same format as you are paid for completed photoshoots.


Banking information

  • Why do you need my bank account?

    We need your bank account so that we can pay you via direct deposit.

  • Can I get paid in more than one account?

    Not currently.

  • Why do you need a SWIFT code?

    We need a SWIFT code to complete international bank transfers and transactions.

  • How do I change my banking info?

    Please log into your account and change your baking information under account settings.

  • How do I update my email?

    You can update your email whenever you like. Simply login and make necessary changes. Just remember all future communication will be sent to your new email.

  • How do I update my portfolio?

    You can update your portfolio whenever you like. Simply login and make necessary changes.

  • Can I choose a new category, or additional categories to shoot in?

    You can choose a new category whenever you like. Simply login and make necessary changes. Just remember to update your portfolio so we can ensure you have the right skill sets to shoot for customers in the selected category.




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