FAQ / CLient briefing

KodakIt introduction

  • Is there a briefing guide on how to work with kodakit?

    We are working on creating a library of briefing materials that will give our photographer community an intro to Kodakit as well as access to a library of photography courses. We plan to launch our Beta platform by October, 2018.

  • What types of photography briefing materials can I have access to?

    Starting October 2018, any registered photographer will have access to a library of Kodakit specific materials as well as a growing library on general photography courses. Customer specific briefing courses will be made available once you are partnered with an opportunity in your area.


Partner briefing

  • How do I access customer briefing materials?

    Customer briefing materials will be sent directly to you. Staring October 2018, you will also have access to the libary of materials from your dashbord.

  • How will I get notified that there are briefing materials I need to review?

    Once you have a new opportunity in your area, Kodakit will automatically link you to the customer briefing materials so you are fully briefed and ready before going out on your shoot.

  • Are the briefing materials a mandatory read?

    Yes, to shoot for any customer you must read through briefing materials and fully understand what is required for a sucessful photoshoot.



  • Why am I being asked to take additional partner briefing courses?

    There could be multiple reasons:

    1. The customer has made changes to their original brief and we need to ensure you are aware of this before your next shoot.

    2. You have overlooked the customer briefing materials and are not delivering expected quality. In this case we will ask you to retake the briefing courses to avoid future mistakes.

    3. Our team continues to create new tools to help guide you through the photoshoots and has created some new guidelines to help you be more productive.




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