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KODAKIT - November 08, 2018

From pictures to topography, composition to style, visuals illustrate your brand story before a word of text is read - communicating to consumers who you are and what you stand for. Images build your brand’s aesthetic and if properly used can deepen a customer or prospect’s attachment to your brand.

To truly engage with your audience you need to establish an emotional connection - recognising a need that your brand can fulfil. For this there is nothing more effective than storytelling through imagery, whether through outdoor advertising, print, social media and more.

Know Your Audience

Identify who your primary audience is and investigate to understand what drives their demographic: interests, goals, dreams, aspirations? Consider how you would show that your brand understands customer tastes, cultural references and trends. Once you have that knowledge you can create the design elements and visuals that both represent your brand and drive the emotional connection your audience will respond to.

Think about feelings and moods you want to evoke. Does your brand bring joy, nostalgia, aspiration, a feeling of being part of something larger? Professional photography can be used to capture and create powerful, authentic imagery that delivers your brand story like no stock photos could. Combine these custom images with user and employee generated content to deliver a rounded, authentic visual brand narrative.

Putting a Face to a Name

Employees play a big role in building brand personality. Photos that embody your company culture and show off behind the scenes snapshots can boost a brand’s authenticity and help customers connect on a personal level. A travel or hospitality business could give employees a spotlight by introducing an engaging content series such as TripAdvisor’s #GoTripAdvisor, or Marriott’s #MarriottFamily, encouraging employees to share pics of themselves having fun at work.

For product-related images, take a leaf out of beauty and skincare company Glossier’s book by creating an Instagram empire around clever, on-brand hashtag #glossierpink. Glossier’s dedicated followers contributed to the brand’s carefully cultivated, clean and modern aesthetic by sharing photos that contained the company’s celebrated hue. This approach not only generates beautiful imagery, but also lets customers feel like they are part of a community and part of your brand’s story.

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Stand Out From The Crowd

Curating your feed into something that feels like a natural conversation that isn’t overtly promotional is a great way to catch your audience’s eye. Unexpected locations and interesting perspectives attract attention. This works well for hotels such as The Burj Al Arab in Dubai with its distinctive spinnaker sail-shape. The visuals epitomise a luxury brand with consistent and clever usage of silver and gold with a splash of blue reflecting surrounding colours.

The Dandelyan bar, winner of the World’s Best Bar Award also takes its interior colour palette to guide and inspire imagery. The visuals reflect the luxury and urban hipness of the bar where the cocktail is the star.

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Building Brand Loyalty

Successful brand Imagery can build customer loyalty that goes beyond the price or the logo. Build successful brand imagery and you will cultivate a loyal fan base that recognises themselves in the brand. Once that happens they go beyond being just customers and become ambassadors and champions of your product.

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