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KODAKIT - February 19, 2019

We caught up with Kodakit’s first ever Photographer Of The Year award winner, Patrick Dolande, for a quick-fire Q&A on his photography background, interests and inspirations.

Patrick is a Venezuelan photographer based in New York with ten years experience specialising in food photography. His pictures have been published on the cover of more than 150 magazines and featured in numerous books. In just 10 months, Patrick has completed 380 jobs and shot over 3,500 images for Kodakit clients DoorDash, MealPal, GrubHub and Onefinestay.

Q&A with Patrick Dolande

How did you get started in photography?

I studied Advertising and one of the subjects was Photography. To be honest, I LOVED it. Years later I was Manager of a Photo Studio chain in Venezuela, where I realized that I really liked spending more time taking pictures than looking numbers. After that, I was the Manager of one Lacoste branch in Caracas, Venezuela. After a few months there, I left the company to dedicate 100% to my real passion PHOTOGRAPHY!

Do you have any photographers that inspire you?

Steve McCurry, Joel Sartore, Sebastiao Salgado, and Annie Leibovitz.

Where is the most amazing location you have visited on a shoot?

The Great Wall of China. I was really impressed with the majestic building and the energy of the surroundings.

What can you tell us about your style of photography?

I consider myself a detail-oriented photographer when I take gastronomy pictures. On landscape, I tend to melt with people, which I think is one of my trademarks.

What was your first ever camera?

My first camera was a Canon XT.

What areas of photography do you operate in and which is your favourite?

I cover a number of different areas: Gastronomy, Documentary, Pets, and Portraits. But my favorites are Gastronomy and Pets.

What advice would you give to photographers just starting out?

To have a goal, to find their particular style and stick with it. Always be updated. Photography tends to change almost every day, so there are many new things and techniques to learn. But the most important is to be aware that your work has an incredible value.

Discover more of Patrick’s photography on Instagram and on his website


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