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KODAKIT - February 28, 2019

So, let's pick up where we left off in blog 1. I got my first gig for food photography in a place called Pane, Vino e Baghino (Bread, Wine and Pork).

The restaurant is located in the touristic and historic beach city of Rimini, Italy - really close to where I was living. I got to the restaurant 5 minutes early, as requested. The owners were already waiting for me, and one of the tables was already set up for my photoshoot. At that time, my Italian was almost nonexistent but this lovely couple were really nice to me and we managed to understand each other. Love of food is a universal language! The photoshoot ended up being well-done just like the pork burgers that were served at the restaurant (that I also enjoyed).

Once I arrived home, I processed the photos asap as requested and uploaded them to the user-friendly KodakIt platform. A few days later I was notified that my photos were accepted and within 15 days I received the payment. Everything worked as promised and now I was officially a KodakIt photographer in Italy!

Days went by and I kept on accepting local gigs, taking photos, meeting interesting people and trying delicious food. Sadly, my time in Italy was coming to an end as I decided to move to Barcelona and continue my photography career and KodakIt partnership over there.

In a nutshell, in December I moved to Barcelona leaving the wonderful and tasty Italy behind. Changing my location on the KodakIt platform was really simple, I just updated the setting and in a few days the process started again: first the training, followed by gigs, food and great new people. In the first few days in Barcelona, I learned that borders do not exist in the KodakIt realm and I can go wherever my photography passion takes me.

This was my experience starting off as a KodakIt photographer and I hope this helps the new photographers out there who are considering becoming a member of the KodakIt family. Come with us, there is always room for an extra plate on the table!

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