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KODAKIT - February 27, 2019

Hello everyone! I am Guillermo Bressano, one of the hundreds of KodakIt photographers around the world. I am Argentinian-Italian photographer, currently based in Barcelona. I have been a freelance photographer with KodakIt since June 2018 and want to invite you on a recap of my journey so far.

My journey started with me moving from Argentina to Italy. I was seeking my roots and an adventure so chose Forlì to settle in - a small town in the Emilia Romagna region between Bologna and Rimini, located in the countryside, between the hills and the sea. It wasn't the most glamorous city, but it was about right. I arrived with only my camera and a hunger for photography (and Italian food, of course).

At that moment, I had no idea about KodakIt, not to mention how to get work as a photographer for any other clients beyond my own in Argentina. So there I was, looking for jobs with the tag “Emilia Romagna photographer” in the hopes I would find something nearby. And that’s when the ad popped up: “KodakIt is looking for food photographers”. Perfect! So I followed the link, filled in the forms and then the platform asked me to upload some of my previous work. They asked for different categories: food, products, events, landscape, portrait, real estate and hotels, but said it’s not mandatory to upload all the categories - just the ones you prefer to work in. With registration finished, I went back to my job search and waited to hear back from KodakIt.

Just a few days later, Amanda, a really kind person, reached out to me via email to confirm all my information, paying special attention to my phone number and bank account to ensure I would get the job notifications by SMS and get paid promptly for my shoots. By then, I was bouncing off the walls! I had been in Europe for only 3 weeks and I already had a gig to shoot food photography for a Kodak company. And on top of that, I was also going to be working with UberEats and Deliveroo!

Once this was sorted, online training was scheduled for me, taught by the amazing Enrico Di Giamberardino who is in charge of all the Italian trainings. He explained the criteria I had to use to take the photos according to each client’s preference, how to use the platform and how to upload my work. Considering my mother tongue is Spanish and this was only my 3rd week in Italy, I have to say that Enrico has a heart of gold and the patience of a saint!

And then, it happened: one day, while I was eating a pizza, I got my first gig come up as a notification on my phone. It was a restaurant in Rímini called: Pane, Vino e Baghino, which in Romagnolo dialect means: Bread, Wine and Pork. So I guess I know what I’ll be shooting!

Find out how my first shoot went in my next blog!

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