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KODAKIT - November 07, 2018

For thousands of years images have been an important means of communication, from ancient cave paintings and engravings to the ubiquitous social posts of today. In the 21st century we are surrounded by visual communications 24-7. We use and engage with visuals on smartphone, tablet and computer screens in every aspect of our lives, sending and receiving messages, sourcing our entertainment, sharing holiday planning ideas and making purchase decisions. It is probably not surprising that a staggering 95% of communication is non-verbal.

Language may be the symbol of human evolution but visuals are a far more powerful form of communication.

Images Deliver Your Message Faster and for Longer

When paired with appropriate imagery people retain 65% of a message three days later whereas they will only remember 20% of the content of text alone. Images can convey information and ideas quickly and memorably - making it easier to get your brand message across and easier for your customers to consume. In fact 65% of customers believe the quality of the product image is more important than product information.

As marketeers we know it is essential for businesses to take a visual approach. Visuals are processed almost instantaneously, 60,000 times faster than text. Images are an immediate way to illustrate an idea, launch a new product or  bring a location to life in a dynamic way. Plus, visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media.

Images Can Cross Geographies and Language

Visual communication not only bridges geographic distance, it can also span cultural differences allowing you to connect with a wider audience. If you need to communicate a marketing or advertising message to thousands or millions of people across the globe, images can allow you to do so with more flexibility and impact.

When done well an image can capture the essence of a brand or experience and communicate your message more fully to a broader audience. The right image translates immediately into any language.

Creating Cut Through and Competitive Advantage

We know that compelling imagery adds impact and power to marketing messages and that it dramatically improves ad recall. But how can you effectively manage creating the volume of image assets your brand needs to feed your website, social channels, apps and marketing communications? And how to you fit it all in your budget?

Stock is one option but authentic, custom photos created specifically for a brand’s unique requirements are often a better solution. The truth of the matter is that generating the necessary volume of custom imagery can be a challenge. From finding the right photographers across the globe to contract negotiations, briefing, scheduling, quality control, editing and payments, the end-to-end process can tie up a lot of staff time. And it can get expensive.

Brands need a more efficient solution.

Kodakit takes the hassle out of managing your image asset requirements. With a global network of skilled photographer partners Kodakit delivers the professional imagery brands need and manages the entire end-to-end process. Plus, copyright is transferred, enabling companies to use their imagery across any channel, any time without worrying about keeping rights payments up to date.

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Using Imagery to Connect with your Audience