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KODAKIT - April 30, 2019

“The Miniature Body”

By Matteo Pappalardo

Meet Matteo Pappalardo.

Born in Rome on November 5, 1995. A recent graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, his greatest artistic passion is photography.

Matteo describes the encounter with this expressive medium as a sweet and nostalgic memory: “It was the summer of a few years ago and I was in the company of my grandfather during a walk along the Tor Caldara Nature Reserve; it is on this occasion that my grandfather, a great lover of photography, gives up his Nikon to mine inexperienced hand for the first time. This "mythical initiation" marks a happy watershed in my life”. From that moment Matteo’s faithful Nikon D3100 never left his hand - an adventure companion in his first shooting experiences where portraits, landscapes and macros are immortalised. After gaining awareness and technical skills, Matteo switched from DX format to FX format and starts shooting with a Nikon 610, allowing him to experiment with new and more daring solutions.

Here Matteo showcases one of those daring solutions by taking us through his creative process of making “The Miniature Body”, a photographic series which decontextualizes the body and creates a playground for imagination.

"The Miniature Body" Project

The series entitled "The miniature body” is my first real photographic series, it is easy to see how these shots are animated by a tangible expressive and communicative potential; zoom in on single parts of the human body and you open up wonderful scenarios for “miniature actions”.


The inside of a female ear can be transformed into a cave to be excavated. The hollow of a collarbone becomes the basin of a small lake to go fishing in. The human body is therefore decontextualised and made "other" by itself, and the exploration of its parts emancipates itself as a new and original discovery.


No part of our skin is banal and should be taken for granted. This project acts as a pathway to more thorough reflection on the human body. The observation of these shots spontaneously leads the viewer to perceive the need to dwell on themselves, not for a sense of vanity or repudiation - as we usually watch our bodies - but for a renewed desire for genuine and conscious discovery.


This series was shot with a Nikon D610 + Nikon 24-85mm and flash or continuous light, depending on the necessity.


To explore the full series, visit Matteo’s website. For more creative photography, follow him on Instagram.


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