Shoots made simple.

At Kodakit, we have one goal—making shoots simple. Whether you’re a business, or a photographer, we streamline the photography process by managing shoots from beginning to end.

Beyond photography

Kodakit is transforming the way businesses and image creators connect.

Our global, on-demand services address the global, high-volume needs of the travel, food, product, and real-estate markets. As a fresh, fast-growing company backed by a legacy brand that photographers trust, we are expanding quickly into more innovative visual solutions. Our clients save hours per shoot in complicated vetting, booking, training, scheduling and payments processes, while our creative community receives previously unavailable jobs, in-person support, unique learning opportunities, and a growing, supportive community.

Kodakit & Eastman Kodak Company

Kodakit is fully owned and funded by Eastman Kodak Company, emerging as a start up in March 2016 from an innovation hub initiative. We are headquartered in Singapore with global offices in New York, San Francisco, and London.


We do all of this while holding true to our legacy: “You press the button, we do the rest.”


George Eastman began the Kodak journey nearly 150 years ago. His goal was to put the magic of capturing an image on film into the hands of the public, giving everyone the opportunity to create and document their own unique experiences. This was the true democratization of photography.

Through decades of innovation, Kodak became an industry leader and a household brand around the world.

Building on the Kodak legacy, Kodakit is transforming today's photography market. Our on-demand service makes it easier for global businesses and photographers to connect and produce authentic content to help sell products and services. Kodakit has also introduced a portfolio of data driven solutions that help brands optimize their platforms, increase conversion, and deliver engaging experiences to their target audiences.

Meet our team

Global, entrepreneurial and energetic. We get things done—and have fun doing it!

Eric-Yves Mahe

Eric’s 25 years of leadership in global software brands and startups make him a natural fit at the helm of Kodakit. From management roles at Sun Microsystems to VP of Tech Solutions, Sales and Strategy at Kodak, to founding Kodakit, Eric has had his finger on the pulse of the tech world for decades. When he’s not steering the ship, you can find him rallying at the nearest Tennis Club or enjoying a sizzling bowl of Sichuan Hot Pot.

Asim Qureshi

Asim has a very diverse background of combining technology with business–from e-commerce, gaming, and media to advertising and telecom. He is making Kodakit the go-to destination for digital imaging. With an appreciation for quality and an artful eye, he likes to travel anywhere with a vibrant art scene and rich historical architecture.

Ciprian Timofte
Product Manager

Cip has his hands in everything from engineering and design to business and operations at Kodakit. His prior experience with getting start-ups off the ground provides a solid foundation for managing all of Kodakit’s products. He’s an active guy, cycling and running as often as he can. A Greek salad with extra feta and tomatoes from his garden keeps him fueled for travels all around the world, with no one place winning his heart, because he loves them all.

Darren Blench
Sales Director, UK

Darren uses his strong background in sales management to engage with and bring on brands from around the world—brands that photographers want to work with. As a proper Englishman should, he enjoys playing Rugby, Cricket and great Indian food. First and foremost though, Darren is a family man that loves spending time with his wife and kids.

Ben Cheng
Partner Manager

Combining his expertise in B2B sales and Hospitality Management, Ben is our relationship guru—client relationship guru that is. He helps new clients learn the ropes and ensures that everyone feels confident and excited along the way. When he’s not playing basketball or on the golf course, he’s fueling up on lasagne and planning his next trip to Bali or Singapore.

Jeremiah Olga
Operations Manager

Jeremiah keeps the gears well-oiled, managing orders and processing operations, as well as providing support for stakeholders across the organization. A huge fan of the BPL, she’s focused on getting back in shape so she can play some matches of her own. She likes to travel to anywhere and everywhere, but her love of spicy Korean beef soup puts Korea at the top of the list.

Jolene Lee

Ensuring that photographers get paid on-time is a task Jolene takes very seriously. Having worked in accounting for several different industries throughout her career, she is no stranger to managing books and revenue streams. An avid cycler, she dreams of pedaling around New Zealand or popping over to Taiwan for a delicious meal.

Effi Jono

From executive level roles in finance for multinational companies around the world, to starting a non-profit org aimed at alleviating blindness in 3rd world countries, Effi’s prodigy-level finance skills are worth taking to the bank. As our financial wizard, Effi manages all Treasury, Tax and and Finance related business. On top of all of that (and trust us, it’s a lot), she manages to dedicate quality time to her dog, redecorating her home and exercising daily.

Elvie Mansanadez
Operations Executive

Elvie is our backbone, ensuring that everyone has the support they need, whether it’s the internal team, external clients, or photographers on the platform. Cooking and cycling fill her free time, but if she ever has a moment to escape us (good luck with that, Elvie!), you’ll find her reclining beachside in Palawan, Philippines with a plateful of pork adobo–extra rice, please!

Susie Tan
Executive Assistant to CEO

With more than 15 years of sales administration, office management and secretarial work experience supporting senior management, Susie is our chief cat-herder. She keeps the team organized and the office running smoothly. How does she stay so cool and collected? The perfect cocktail of yoga, zumba and piloxing.

Vijay Venugopal Raji
Senior Software Engineer

With more than 10 years of experience in social networking software, e-commerce domains, and team leadership, it takes a lot to intimidate Vijay—which is good because he’s got a very full plate here at Kodakit. From developing the core Kodakit application, to managing both the front-end and back-end teams, to database design, Vijay stays pretty busy. When he does have some free time, you’ll find him playing Badminton, cooking, painting, or planning another vacation to gorgeous Switzerland.

Mo Zhuang Ze
Editor Support

Bonsai Cultivation is a meticulous hobby that requires an acute attention to detail. That same attention to detail is what makes Mo such a great photo editor, as well as his experience in large format printing. New York is one of his favorite travel destinations - where he seeks out classical vinyl records. He’ll eat just about anything, as long as it organic.

Wilfred Lim
Lead Editor

With his first hand knowledge of the photographer profession and lifestyle, Wilfred leads our editing team in ensuring photos are picture perfect, and creating training materials that helps photographers produce stellar imagery. When in Japan, he never passes on the opportunity to indulge in some Matcha ice cream from Arashiyama in Kyoto—highly recommended if you’re in the area.

Madhan Dennis
Technical Director

Ensuring that all of our technology is up-to-date, operational, and innovative is no easy task. Luckily, we’ve got Madhan. With a background in telecom, social networking platforms, data science and e-commerce domains, Madhan draws from a very deep pool of experience and helps keep Kodakit competitive and on the cutting-edge. He enjoys time in the kitchen, primarily cooking (and eating) Italian food, and has a weakness for a perfectly prepared steak. Will travel anywhere with blue skies and clean water, usually with a good book and camera in hand.


"In its simplest form, Kodakit is a marketplace that helps companies find pre-vetted photographers for shoots and helps photographers “connect” with brands, while removing many of the common pain points, such as marketing, booking, pricing, invoicing, and more."

— Paul Sawers, VentureBeat

“When I say that something will 'Uber-ize' an industry, I mean it as a company or person disrupting it by introducing a new, more efficient and sometimes cheaper alternative to the status quo...This is 'Uber-izing' the right way.”

— Robin De Clercq, Resource Magazine

"That efficiency is the major differentiator between Kodakit and other photography platforms [...]"

— Stephanie Condon, ZDNet