“It’s basically an all-in-one platform that manages every stage of the process…”

Paul Sawers, VentureBeat  



"... efficiency is the major differentiator between Kodakit and other photography platforms"

Stephanie Condon, ZDNet


“The iconic camera company that launched the point-and-shoot is now putting the 'you push the button, we do the rest' philosophy into commercial photography.”

Hillary Grigonis, Digital Trends


“When I say that something will 'Uber-ize' an industry, I mean it as a company or person disrupting it by introducing a new, more efficient and sometimes cheaper alternative to the status quo...This is 'Uber-izing' the right way.”

Robin De Clercq, Resource Magazine



What makes KODAKIT stand out is their ability to find a good photographer at short notice.
All we did was inform them on the date, time, and venue and a photographer turned up! The photographers we've worked with were all very professional and we were really happy with
the photos."

Jasper Fee
Digital Marketing & Partnerships Manager
Deliveroo Singapore


KODAKIT not only delivers quality photos but also helps remove major pain points in our operations. Previously, scheduling a photoshoot was a problem as we had to arrange with both the restaurant and the photographer. With KODAKIT, scheduling is now a breeze! We just fill up the online form and they will take care of the rest. Photos are delivered quickly and quality has been fantastic!

Meng Ye
Head of Partner Management
Quandoo Singapore