There’s a reason why one of the most popular shows on the Discovery Channel has been going strong for a whopping 27 seasons. How It’s Made does exactly what it says on the tin: it steps into factories around the world to take viewers behind the scenes of the mysterious manufacturing processes which produce our seemingly mundane everyday items. (If you're curious to check out the series, this and this are good episodes to start with.) The series' appeal is clear: we, as human beings, are curious creatures. It's only natural that we'd wonder how the items we use every day are made. The same logic goes for businesses - what wouldn't you give to take a peek into the design process of the iPhone, for example?

Besides satiating curious minds however, here's why you should let people step behind the curtains of your operation through photos:

1. It showcases your quality

You can wax lyrical for days about your award-winning milkshake, or the hand-carved finish on your oak desks, but we all know that showing is better than telling. A simple photo album showing how your product comes to life will say it 10 times better (and quicker!) than a paragraph of text.

2. It’s easy on your resources

The terrific thing about “show, don’t tell” is that images do so much of the heavy lifting. Once you’ve hired a professional photographer to capture how and where your product is made, you can complete that story with little more than a short caption.

3. It can help to show the 'human' side of your business

Are you afraid of your brand seeming impersonal or unapproachable? Showing the people behind the scenes — from the pastry chef to the pen designer — allows not only your team's, but also your company's, personality to shine through.

4. It brings the intangible into the light

“But wait!”, we hear your cry. “We don’t manufacture bespoke bicycles or grow brightly-coloured organic vegetables that make photos pop!" Well, then, there's even more reason you should be engaging the power of behind the scenes imagery to help you tell your story.

Have you ever tried to describe the passion, dedication and commitment that goes into being an insurance salesperson using words? Now imagine a photo of you giving a client a detailed briefing and rundown of his policies over a post-work dinner. It's not hard to figure out which presentation of the concept would create a stronger impact in your new company brochure.

Over to you

Have you ever tried using photos which showcase the inner workings of your business? What types of images have worked best for you? We'd love to continue the conversation in the comments below!