How to Make Product Shots a Powerful Conversion Tool

Well, we can no longer feel superior to the humble goldfish: in 2015, scientists discovered that the average human attention span fell to just eight seconds (down from 12 in 2000). Goldfish, meanwhile, boast an attention span of nine seconds.

What does this mean for businesses? It means that now more than ever it’s vital to capture consumer attention quickly, with best-in-class visuals. You might have the greatest products in the world, but if your product photography is shot sloppily, viewers will click to another page before you can say “goldfish”.

So how can you use photography to increase conversion rates?

  • Mix Simplicity with Creativity For your main product shot, you may wish to stick to the same alignment and pattern for products, set against white backgrounds, for simple scrolling. But for additional shots, it is worth investing in shoots with a product strutting its stuff in its natural environment. Selling whisky, for example? Then set up your bottle with a glass on a leather-bound table so users can imagine themselves sipping your high-quality product.
  • Don’t Play With Colours Too Much Especially if you’re selling clothing, don’t use too many filters — people want to end up with the colour they saw in the photo, after all.
  • Does the Photo Showcase Your Product Strength? Maybe your USP is the intricacy of your handbag weave? In this case, you will want to offer close-ups that show off this feature. Or perhaps you’re proud that your smartwatch is the smallest on the market? Ensure photos show off your small scale — perhaps by placing a coin in shot for size comparison.
  • Use Mysterious Photos to Spur Action Not all product photography needs to be straightforward. You can create a sense of mystery — perhaps by showing a photo of your as-yet-unreleased product — with a clear call to action, like “Click here to see our new retail line in all its beauty.”

Want your photos to reach even more eyes? We live in a social media-dominated world, so why not add a “share” button to your most attractive visuals?