Just as the American's have Halloween, Singapore has the Hungry Ghost Festival (also known as Zhong Yuan Jie in Chinese) when the souls of spirits are believed to roam freely on earth. This period starts on the seventh month in the lunar calendar, and according to traditions these spirits can get up to some mischief if left ignored, so various offerings are made during this period. Special precautions are also observed.

If you take part in the festivities of the 7th month take note to avoid taking photographs in the evening.

According to superstitious beliefs, taking any photographs at night (including selfies and Instagram worthy vanity shots) during the Ghost Month is not advisable as it will direct spirits to associate with you.

Cameras have long been associated with spirits as various “ghost-like images”  captured in photographs have been at the topic of many debates. Traditional beliefs also state that the camera can 'record and trap' uninvited spirits.


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