It's August 9th, Singapore's 51st birthday. National Day provides some stunning visuals for it's viewers. A sea of red t-shirts worn, flags being waved, fighter jets being flown, and fireworks to cap off the night.

Whether your into photography or not, it's fairly simple to capture the exciting happenings of the celebration if you follow our 4 step survival guide.

1. Make sure your phone is fully charged before you leave your house.

This goes without saying, but nevertheless is the most important. Nothing is worse than a dead phone battery on National Day. Bring a portable charger if your phone's battery doesn't last long.

2. Don't use HDR.

Go to your phone settings and manually disable HDR mode.

This is because, HDR does not perform well with photos with movement subject. If any of your subjects are moving HDR increases the chance of a blurry photo. HDR takes 3  pictures, so if your subject moves between the first and second shot, your final picture won't look nice. Bright and vivid colors are also not advised to be taken with HDR mode on. The lit up environment will appear washed out in the final result.

3. Wipe your camera lens!

Our smartphone is constantly in our pocket or bags, the lenses are bound to get some dust or dirt on them. You would be surprised how simply removing the extra oil build up from fingerprints on your camera lens can make such a big difference in your shots.

4. Incorporate composition rules.

Composition is key to taking attractive pictures. Basic composition like leading lines, Rule of Third, scaling, framing are just some of the elements you can incorporate. Equally as important are lighting and angles. Using unique angles to capture your subject can make it more interesting. A different point of view sometimes highlights overlooked details in generic shots. Don’t be afraid look funny in a crouching position to get that perfect angle of an overhead flying jet.


If you follow these four simple tips, you will be well on your way to looking at and sharing photographs that you are truly proud of :)