GIFS, we've all seen them on the internet. Typically 10-20 seconds of content intended to be looped over-and-over again until the viewer clicks on something else.

Unlike video, GIFS appeal to the attention span of the average online user. They're short, sweet, and to the point. There is no need for fast-forwarding of any kind.

GIFS main advantage is that they do not require to be clicked on to play, making whatever you want displayed appear instantly for the viewer. After a couple hours of still picture browsing, GIFS do an exceptional job of grabbing the online viewer's attention by nature.

They have also been proven incredibly effective when incorporated in businesses in every market.

Say you just opened a restaurant and want to display your menu for your website, instead of using tradition photography imagine how inciting a GIF would be of your platter revolving in a never ending cycle.

In a world of similar products and services, it's best to use uniqueness in your advertising approach.

GIF file formats have been around since 1987, but more recently we were introduced to Apple's latest innovation called 'Live Photos'. Effectively, the camera starts capturing the picture you're taking 1.5 seconds before and after the picture was taken. However, this feature is only found in the iPhone 6S. Now, with this extra 'footage' Apple's software forms a mini GIF for you to loop and share to all your friends. Similarly, Instagram's recently created Boomerang, also displays the power of GIFS in social media.

Spice up your business or social media timeline, use GIFS! They're guaranteed to grow your online presence.