Here at KODAKIT, we aim to help homeowners and realtors to stage their property to look ‘perfectly realistic’ in real estate photography. Homeowner Hour was created to educate and guide those who don’t know where to start in making their property look beautiful. So who's buying property these days?

Millennials. They make up the largest group of first time home buyers at 68%. Of those, 95% of Millennial buyers start their search online. The days of "for sale" signs and word of mouth sales are far in the past.

Millennials were surveyed and asked which piece of online information about property listings was most important in making their decision:

  • 83% photos
  • 79% detailed information about the property
  • 41% interactive maps very useful
  • 40% virtual tours
  • 37% neighbourhood information

Millennials, are very visual interpreters. They prefer pictures and videos over text most of the time. Visual information which is put directly in front of their faces is absorbed easier. Their limited attention span of online browsing allows for media to be quickly cycled through if deemed useless.

Terrible pictures of an interesting property? Next. Interactive tour (shot on a 360 degree camera) showing a cluttered & messy living setting? Instant Next.

pexels-photo-106936 (1)

The 'Don't tell me, show me instead' mentality is present in almost every millennial.

The reality is that millennials are in pursuit of perfection whether they're entitled to it or not. That which looks nice on the surface will get the millennial stamp of approval online.

So please, do yourself a favour. Get some real estate professional photography done before listing a property. Not only will the photographer make images you are happy to share, it'll also increase your chance of a sale.


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