Here at KODAKIT, we aim to help homeowners and realtors to stage their property to look ‘perfectly realistic’ in real estate photography. Homeowner Hour was created to educate and guide those who don't know where to start in making their property look beautiful. When staging photography for anything, the little things hold a significant impact on the way people interpret images.  This is especially important in real estate photography, where your images will be carefully examined by serious potential buyers or tenants.

Well what are the little things?

To start, styling a property is rather simple but takes time, effort and good taste. You don't need to be an interior designer to be successful at making a place look photogenic.

If the property you are photographing is not styled prior to your shoot, here are a few things you can do that will certainly make a difference.


Firstly, make sure the room entire house is clean and tidy. This is the most elementary thing you could do to show you are serious about selling or renting out your property. We found that cluttered properties tend to provide undesired photographic results due to the owner’s negligence to tidy up.

Next, a small flower arrangement always adds value to a living space. They can be real or artificial, but we have found that there are no specific flower types that you should seek. Instead, find a type that compliments the colour of the walls and furniture.

Styling extends to the bedroom by simply making sure the bed is wrinkle-free and pillows are organized and have that puffed and fluffedup look and feel. Nothing looks more satisfying than a bed which has freshly been made.

Finally, please ensure that the bathroom has recently been cleaned from top to bottom. Toiletries should be cleared completely, toilet seat should be down, and avoid bathing before the photo shoot to ensure there won't be condensation covering the mirrors.