Our team had a brief interview with Leo Wu this week to discuss the importance of real estate photography. Below is a list of our questions and a summary of his responses. Leo has done 11 photo shoots with KODAKIT in collaboration with Singapore's leading Property listing website.  


How is real estate photography different from any other form of photo taking?

Real estate photography allows me to take time to properly construct my shots, unlike events or weddings. When it comes to interior photography, I feel that lines and perspective are very important. I need to make sure the space in the apartment is not distorted to not give wrong impressions. The camera needs to be very level, I always check that the camera is on level with the ground. With real estate photography, there is no real moment, you need to create it yourself.

Do photographers keep tabs on the real estate market? What trends do you see in the future?

I don’t really keep tabs on the market, but I know a few agents who told me the market is currently overloaded with new competition. Agents need to do something different to stand out. 360-degree video is gaining popularity in virtual tour form. In the past it was easy, but now people want to experience the apartment using multimedia.

What are some tips you can give to homeowners on how to improve the appearance of their property in photos?

They really need to tidy up the place. Small touches as simple as changing a dirty table cloth could be the difference between a sale and no sale, so be thorough. When it comes to renting a property, fixtures and furniture are very important to maintaining a presentable look. When it comes to selling, the property and space is more important for buyers. So you should be emphasizing your property on its strengths.