Joseph Li Jing Xin just completed the first KODAKIT wedding shoot. We are thrilled that KODAKIT helped a happy couple preserve their special day and sat down with Joseph to discuss his experience. IMG_1271a

How long have you been shooting photography? I first started photography in 2007 as the school photographer. After that, I was a full time photographer in the army during my NS. I created a documentary of the 2-year journey.

You recently did a wedding shoot engagement that happened through KODAKIT. How was the experience? The platform is very convenient. The reminders I received through the app helped me remember important dates. Payment was very prompt; money was received within a week after I was finished.

How did you communicate with the couple before the photoshoot? I used the chat function within the app, then switched to WhatsApp to communicate the day of the shoot.

What kind of information do you need from them before the wedding day? Besides the basic information like location and time, it’s important to find out the couple’s story. I like finding out how they met, where they’ve traveled, etc.  It builds a relationship so they're more comfortable taking pictures with me. For our KODAKIT shoot, we went to Fort Canning so we needed to do our homework to find the best location in the park to take pictures.

In your opinion, what differentiates one photographer from another? Besides equipment, personality and work ethic are the two key factors. The photographer must click well with the couple so their true personality can show in the photos. The photographer must have a good eye for shots, what a person sees is different than what the camera sees. That comes with time and experience. Things like composition and editing skills make a difference as well.

What will be your advice to a couple looking to hire a wedding photographer? Always check the portfolio of the photographer before hiring. A couple needs to find out what they need so their explications are met. My advice is to ask for photos that the photographer did not put on his website to get a more accurate representation of their work.  It’s also very important to be very mindful of your budget for a wedding. Photography should be one of the first things to look at when allocating budget. Good photos are like good wine, the value increases over time when nostalgia kicks in so spending a bit more will be worth it.

To learn more about Joseph please visit his website.