In 1888, Kodak’s founder George Eastman invented film: the revolutionary flexible, unbreakable, cellulose nitrate base that captured a still image. The evolution of photography through the next century is mind-blowing. The early adopters of photography would need to carry an 8-pound camera with a resolution of just 0.01 megapixel. If that doesn’t sound ancient, then I don’t know what is. Once the image was shot, photographers still needed to wait long periods of time for black and white photos to be completed in a darkroom.


How has photography grown over the years? A simple scroll through your timeline will give you the answer. Pros spend thousands on lenses, camera bodies, lighting and editing software. They keep the spirit of photography alive with fantastic images that express who they are and preserve the moments they have lived.

But what about the enthusiasts, documenters and amateurs who care less about image quality?  Selfie sticks, out-of-focus images and – gasp – filters that completely change the colours of the image. The privilege of having a mobile device capture instant digital photography has greatly increased the quantity of photos, but what’s happened to the quality? Snapping a picture on your phone is easy and convenient, but do you actually cherish those unedited, poorly-taken photos?

frontviewWhat’s the next evolution of photography? We think it’s a return to the original approach of letting the professionals do their jobs. George Eastman’s original camera offered a way to capture a scene with the push of a button. That camera has evolved through the years into a major part of your everyday life. Now KODAKIT is giving you the step next: a way to professionally preserve life’s most memorable moments – big and small – with the touch of a button.

Back when having your picture taken was a privilege and only for the highest class, photographers took pride in their occupation. Their constant struggle for perfection aided in producing the best images imaginable. Having photo shoots with professional photographers makes a huge difference in creating photos you are proud to share, display and store.

KODAKIT has more than 200 photographers who are experienced in making your photos excellent!shutterstock_110765393_sm