shutterstock_387655525As memories pass and recollections fade, a photograph is the most effective method of reliving a moment that mattered to you. Moments end, photos are forever. However, creating photos that truly make you happy should be left to professionals. Most people don’t know that to complete a photo album could take a professional a full week to sort, edit and present a finished product. Professional photographers pride themselves on making every shot the best, and it takes significant experience, skill and knowledge to achieve that. So why do we treat photography like it’s a common skill? The answer is simple: because photography is more accessible than ever. If smartphones had paint and brushes built into them, more people would claim the prestigious title of Painter. With amazing optics built into small smartphones, people have never been more excited to test out their photographic abilities. Today, there’s been an explosion of photography generated by smartphones.

However, this comes at a cost: those who take pictures don’t appear in them. Photos from a memorable afternoon with your loved one could’ve complemented both timelines; instead you took turns taking mediocre pictures of each other, or even worse, took a bunch of arms-length selfies where you couldn’t even see what you were shooting!

Professional photographers in 2016 should be taken very seriously. Their knowledge goes much further than knowing how to control a camera manually. Some went to university to learn; others choose the freelance route. A professional doesn’t just take pictures, they create and capture memories. Proper lighting, equipment and editing software all play important roles in how we look at photographs after years past. Unless you’re serious about crafting images yourself, leave all that work to the professionals. They will know best how to make memories last.

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