StanstillsStan Goh was the first photographer to be booked for a family photo shoot on KODAKIT. He completed the shoot recently and was kind enough to answer some questions about his experience before, during and after the shoot. Thanks to Stan for answering our questions. Was your experience with KODAKIT different from other photo shoots you've done? If so, how? Apart from the regular photo shoot experiences and processes, the pre-photoshoot conversation exchange was pleasant and straightforward. With the assurance from the KODAKIT team that the photographers are legit and professional, the potential clients are more at ease in expectations of quality of work and professionalism.

Describe the day of shot in your own words. The 2 hour photography session started at 8 a.m. because the weather later on might be unforgiving for the client, especially the children. Before the photo shoot, I introduced myself and engaged the client to understand them better and discuss the style of photos they were hoping to receive after the session.

I started with some warm up shots, which I believe is important to build a certain understanding between the client and the photographer. Along the way, I suggested to the client what I photograph next  to prepare them and also to gather feedback about their comfort level with different shots. Being a natural light and candid photographer, I like to give my clients their own space and time to interact and relax. This way I can capture moments that are uniquely them.

Because children's attention spans are usually limited, they tend to wander around after a while. They may resist the shoot as well. To counter this, while the parents are resting, I photographer the children having fun on their own, playing with toys they brought. This definitely added some fun elements to the session.

The photography shoot went very well and was fun. It was a wonderful experience.

How many images did you end up delivering? With the family being spontaneous and fun-loving, I delivered around 80 images.

Will you do anything differently on your next KODAKIT photo shoot? Every client is different, so every photo session will need to be different.

Is there any advice that you'd give to other photographers on KODAKIT shoot? Believe in yourself and your style of work.

Thanks again to Stan for taking the time to discuss his shoot. See more of his photos at