How many photos have you taken this week? Scroll through your smartphone and you might be surprised. Then ask yourself, how many of them are worth keeping? Not, I bet, as many as you would think. Eric MaheIn a world where the actual word “selfie” can be named the Oxford Dictionary’s “word of the year,” it’s not surprising that, in 2014, some one trillion photographs were taken. Thirty billion of them were selfies. But photography isn’t just about taking a lot of photos, it’s about capturing moments that you lived well. Here are some things we believe:

  1. There’s More to Life than Selfies Despite the ease of photography today, I would like to propose something strange: Photography is not truly a part of our life. It sits on top of it like an invisible film.When we take a selfie, when we pose for a travel shot, when we shoot a #foodporn image for our Instagram, we don’t really capture a moment. We manufacture a moment. We would like to change that. KODAKIT wants photography to weave into the heartfelt moments of your life, perfectly preserving the emotions you experienced.
  2. It’s Hard to Both Live in the Moment and Capture it If I look back, there are so many moments I would have loved to preserve through photography.I do a lot of sports with my son, who is now aged 21. We went to a Thai boxing bootcamp in Thailand. And let me tell you, Thai boxing is not easy to photograph. You need someone who shoots at the right moment. I took some photos, sure, but they’re not up to scratch.If I’d had a photographer there, I could have just enjoyed the holiday. Because you can’t really be both behind the camera and in the moment.
  3. Quality Moments Deserve to be Made into Quality Memories That’s what KODAKIT is for. It’s about freeing yourself from your smartphone. Snapshots from your smartphone are like taking a photo in a studio. You prep for them, yet you usually click at the wrong moment, when someone is blinking.By having a photographer present, you will get shots you would never see if you tried to do it yourself. As the artist Robert Heinecken said, “There is a vast difference between taking a picture and making a photograph.”We want to arm you with the ability to make photographs, and make memories, without taking a picture yourself. The result is that finally, your quality moments get the quality photo they deserve.
  4. The Small Moments are the Best In the past, hiring a photographer was something only done for big life events, like weddings.With KODAKIT, we give people the freedom to capture everyday memories. Like your daughter’s first day of school; the morning you brought your new dog home (and he turned your sofa pillows into a blizzard of ripped stuffing); the beach party where you laughed so hard you snorted ice cream out your nose.

All priceless instants, and not ones where you want to worry about pixel counts or what filter to use. If you could book a photographer for an hour or two at the tap of a button, then suddenly you capture a lifetime of memories.

So, enjoy the moment. Be in the picture.