Last week, KODAKIT became available in Singapore and already the local press has already begun to take notice. The Business Times calls KODAKIT, “a comprehensive tool that facilitates the beginning-to-end relationship between photographers and their clients.” The Straits Times says KODAKIT is “designed to streamline what is currently a ‘fragmented, complicated market for photographers, businesses and consumers.’”

Weekender Singapore called KODAKIT "the quickest way to find a photographer when you need one," in a list of Apps that are Life Hacks.

Other media outlets were interested in the customer experience. For some ideas of what KODAKIT looks like and how the booking process works, check out Hardware Zone and E27.

Some of our launch attendees even took to Instagram to share their experiences. Here are a couple of our favorite images from the launch event:

KODAKIT’s Eric Yves Mahe also spoke to 938 Live about the Singapore launch, you can listen to that interview in the video below.

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Below are some of our favorite photos from the launch event. If you want to see more photos from the event, check out the KODAKIT Launch Day photo album on our Facebook page. Photos are from Haolun Li of Framewerks Photography. If you like his work, he’s available to book through KODAKIT!

Eric Mahe at press event

headshot at press event

Sara Aman at launch event

Sara Aman launch photo