Sara Portrait WebSara Aman is a food & lifestyle photographer at The Lens Project. She has photographed for many high-end magazines including Wine & Dine, Epicure and The Food Journal. She also does commercial work for Papahan Films, Tanuki and Bonchon Chicken Singapore amongst others  as well as the award winning graphic design company, Yellow Octopus. With a penchant for messing with food as well as teasing her five cats endlessly to aggravate them, she loves walking through places with very tall trees and is obsessed over essential oils. The Walking Dead is her current staple amongst other zombie affiliated tv-series. How did you get started shooting photography?

I've always been intrigued with photography since I was 4. My dad, who loves photography had a few Pentax analogue cameras and I've always been itching to get my hands on it. At that age, it was probably to 'hold & destroy'. Haha. But this intrigue got realized through time especially after enrolling in the Film, Sound & Video course. And my first job was as a photographer's assistant in a commercial photo studio. I worked my way up. I was lucky I had brushes with medium format films & polaroids while the shift to digital was imminent. After 9 years with the studio I decided to start The Lens Project. This was back in late 2009. I have not looked back since.

What types of photography do you specialize in?

I specialize in food, products, travel & lifestyle photography.

What is you favorite thing about your photography career?

I get to shoot what I love and mess about with stuff! And play around with angles, composition, locations etc. There's so many things I get to explore. There's nothing quite like seeing my images and being satisfied that I captured what was most important about a scene or a product.

What makes your style unique?

I don't think I have a unique style. However, I see stories in the things that I'm photographing. The unseen emotion that is attached. I see it playing in my head. I felt it. And then I photograph it. You know that quote by Anais Nin 'We don't see things as they are; we see them as we are.'? Perhaps that's how my photography is unique to me.

Of all the photos you’ve shot, which one is your favorite? Why?

Wild Flowers Karajini

I have a quite a lot that is my favourite! This is so hard! Hmm.. Okay I shall choose one of the newer images. I went on an amazing roadtrip with a few friends to Western Australia late 2015. It was one of the most memorable trip I have ever undertaken. I saw and kept seeing so many beautiful sights that I never thought existed when I think about Australia. One of the random favourite pit stops we did was this glade. It was like any glade by the side of any regular road. But the magic in there was... GOOSEBUMPING. There was at least 50 species of wild flowers just thriving beautifully! It was the most breathtaking scene that lingered in my mind still. Such magic and beauty!

Is there a photo session you’ve always wanted to shoot, but haven’t gotten a chance?

I have always wanted to shoot interior, exterior and architectural stuff. I started out assisting a photographer who shot interiors. We travelled to many countries including London, Berlin, Beijing photographing interiors. And my love for interiors grew from that. There's something about space and its relation to time. It reveals so much about the occupants and the aura of that space.

Thanks to Sara for spending some time answering questions for us. To see more of Sara's photos, visit her website, Facebook or Instagram.

Here are some more of our favorite photos from Sara. Click them to enlarge.

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