For Valentine’s Day, we asked our community of photographers to share what love in Singapore looks like to them using #kodakit. If you have photos you’d like to see on the KODAKIT blog or social channels, use #kodakit when you post them.

Below are some of our favorite #kodakitlove submissions. Let us know which ones you love in the comments.


"Love is in the air" ❤️ ✈️ Photo taken 2 years ago at the Singapore Air Show). 🇸🇬#kodakitlove

A photo posted by Matthew H. Sturgess (@mattysturgess) on

Love..... #kodakitlove

A photo posted by Justin Ong (@itchyindexfinger) on

Sealed with a 💋. feat @inkedpeaches & @samhzh #MyLoveDeclaratION

A photo posted by Rushdi Jamari (@bearfangs) on

Cloud of bliss. feat @eshton & @celinenml #MyLoveDeclaratION

A photo posted by Rushdi Jamari (@bearfangs) on


A photo posted by Adisatrya Johari (@wokeupbaked_) on