Tuck HongWhen the KODAKIT team started reviewing photographers in Singapore, Tuck Hong stood out. His underwater images show an exciting new range of colors and motion that is unlike anything else. We're thrilled that Tuck took some time to discuss his photography with us and even more excited to announce that he'll be one of the first photographers available on the KODAKIT platform. Here's what Tuck said about his work and his unique style:

How did you get started shooting photography?

I picked up a range finder from my dad and went on playing around with the shutter speed and aperture. I still can remember the excitement in me when I was waiting for my first roll of film to be developed!

What types of photography do you specialize in?

I used to specialize in doing creative portraits either on location or in my studio. My focus now is to create more interesting underwater portrait photography works.

What is you favorite thing about your photography career?

I like the vast variety of photography assignments that I was commissioned to shoot. From conceptualizing creative portraits for Para-athletes in front of their respective countries landmark sites for all the ASEAN countries, shooting wedding couples under the sea with the colorful corals, shooting corporate images CEO and MDs in their office, to shooting interior spaces for Rolls-Royce engines, to landscape images of marshlands in Kranji. Things just keep getting more exciting.

What makes your style unique?

My style is vibrant, colorful and full of energy!

Of all the photos you’ve shot, which one is your favorite? Why?

Tuck Hong Underwater Couple

My favorite photo has got to be the underwater image of a couple swimming with fish above the table coral with sun rays beaming in from above. It's one of the earliest underwater images that I have done. The fish weren’t afraid of the people and were just swimming around them and the couple was obviously very comfortable and happy gliding into the image. It always puts a smile on my face when I see it! I had a 1m by 1.5 m blown up displayed in my studio.

Is there a photo session you’ve always wanted to shoot, but haven’t gotten a chance?

I would love to create a underwater series of portraits interacting with whale sharks. I have seen others doing it. But I would like to create a different surreal series of my own. I am sure one day I am gonna get it done!

Thanks to Tuck for spending some time answering questions for us. To see more of Tuck's photos, visit his website, Facebook or Instagram.

Here are some more of our favorite photos from Tuck. Click them to enlarge.

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