Need some help putting available time on your KODAKIT calendar?Below is a step-by-step guide. If you prefer to download the directions as a pdf, you can do that by clicking here.

  1. Navigate to and log in
  2. From the photographer dashboard, click on the calendar in the “upcoming availability” section Calendar 1
  3. Click anywhere on the grayed-out calendar to set your standard available hours calendar 2
  4. Start by setting standard available hours for yourself. These hours will repeat every week on your calendar. If you have already regular business hours now, you can start by inputting those calendar 3
  5. Select the days of the week that you expect to be available for KODAKIT, then decide if you will be available the same hours every day or unique hours for each day of the week calendar 4
  6. Input the hours you will be available to work on the days you selected calendar 5
  7. When you save your standard hours, you will see a calendar that looks like this. The white boxes are the time slots you have marked as “available for KODAKIT” and the gray boxes are times you are “unavailable for KODAKIT” calendar 6
  8. If there’s a change to your standard schedule, you can create a calendar event by clicking the plus sign on a time slot in your calendar calendar 7
  9. To create a calendar event that deviates from your standard hours, just enter the date and time of the event and mark whether you will be busy or available. You can set these events to repeat if they will occur regularly calendar 8
  10. The calendar events that you create will override your standard hours of availability calendar 9
  11. When you accept KODAKIT bookings, they will automatically appear in your calendar in gold. Click on the booking to see more details about the shoot and communicate with the client calendar 10
  12. To edit your standard hours at any time, click on your settings icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen calendar 11

Go update your KODAKIT calendar and don't forget to push the "submit" button to be published once you've entered all your information.