Throughout its history, Kodak has been the biggest driver in the evolution of the photography industry, and it’s time for another big step. We’d like to introduce your next great photography experience: KODAKIT, the newest, best way to generate new business.

For photographers, KODAKIT is both a place to build a business and a personal assistant. No more negotiating prices, no more missed or late payments, no more hassle. All your appointments are kept in a single calendar, your transaction history is preserved and delivery is as simple as uploading images to the cloud.

How can a photographer register for KODAKIT? It’s free, just follow these steps:

  1. Enter your contact information at KODAKIT.com
  2. Set up your profile with your photography specialties, bio, portfolio images and pricing
  3. Update your calendar to show users when you’re available
  4. Respond to scheduling requests and stay in contact with the customer until the photo shoot
  5. Go to the shoot and take great photos
  6. Perform basic editing, removing blurry images, duplicates, etc.
  7. Deliver the photos using KODAKIT's online cloud storage
  8. Receive payment within a few days

Included in the total photo package price, there is a 20% KODAKIT fee. For example, if you price a photo package at $100, you will receive $80 and Kodakit will be paid $20. Keep this is mind when you are determining the price you want to charge for a photo package!

We’ll be releasing the KODAKIT app for consumers soon, so once you’ve registered, make sure to get the word out and generate business for yourself.

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