To help make your photoshoot as successful as possible, here is a chronological checklist we recommend you follow.

1 day before

  • Call or message the point of contact at the hotel before the day of your shoot to confirm the time that you will be at the hotel and that they will be there to meet you.
  • Let the contact know the rooms you will be shooting and ask if they can prepare those rooms for you beforehand.

Upon Arrival

  • Get in touch with your point-of-contact at the hotel. If you are unable to find your point of contact when you arrive, ask the reception or concierge to locate them for you.
  • Review the shot list with the hotel contact again to make sure all rooms will be available and prepared for you. Make note of any that are not valid or will not be available.
  • If the weather looks like it may turn for the worse, eg. rain or cloudy skies, you may want to shoot the exterior first.
  • If any of the hotel rooms are not ready for you, shoot the rest of the hotel facilities first and return to shoot the hotel rooms later on.

  • Ensure that you follow the Shot List (doesn't have to be in order), and take a photo of the QR Code Shot Marker before shooting each room / area.
  • If you realise that you've forgotten to capture a QR Code Shot Marker before beginning to shoot a particular room or area, stop to take a photo of the marker then continue shooting.
  • Make sure that you capture more than the required number of photos stated on the Shot List.

During the Shoot

Ending the Shoot

Check shot list that all rooms are checked off.